Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With All Weather Adventures

Kilimanjaro climb high success rate

Climbing Kilimanjaro

All weather Adventures offers safe and comfortable expeditions with supreme comfort and safety standards, professional guides and modern gear.

Climbing Kilimanjaro does not require any technical skills or special equipment, just some physical fitness and determination. Different people have successfully summit. But the challenge should not be taken lightly. You need to understand what lies ahead. Rest assured, you will find the answers to all your questions here All weather Adventure.

The slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro are one of the best places in the world for spending a family vacation, celebrating a reunion of old friends, team-building of workmates, testing your stamina or brainstorming new ideas for your project. Everyone finds something unique here.

Our professional tour consultants have all made successful summit attempts and are therefore in a position to provide you with advice and in depth knowledge of the mountain. Essential advice on;-

  • How to climb Kilimanjaro?
  • How difficult / hard is a Kilimanjaro climb?
  • How long does it take for a Mount Kilimanjaro climb?
  • How much does it cost to climb?
  • Which route should I climb?

Is all covered in detail on this website. We provide unique and proper climb Kilimanjaro itineraries to suite your individual requirements and preferences, including all your hotel bookings, meet and assist at the airport, airport transfers to and from your hotel, as well as many exciting travel extensions to the surrounding game parks and the magical island of Zanzibar.


Our tour consultants

  • Most of our sales staff have successfully summited Kilimanjaro themselves and are in a position to provide you with first hand expert advice.
  • We will arrange everything for you: park fees, transfers, accommodation, guides, porters, food and equipment, leaving you free to enjoy the climb.
  • After booking with us, we will provide a fast and efficient after-sales service, answering any questions you might have or providing any additional information and advice you may require.
  • We will provide you with all the information required, in order for you to choose the most suitable and most spectacular route for your trek.

Our climb Kilimanjaro website

  • We have one of the most comprehensive climbing Kilimanjaro guides on the Internet, available 24 hours a day to answer most of your questions.

Complete and comprehensive Kilimanjaro climb information package

  • With your booking confirmation, you will receive a very important Kilimanjaro Information pack which contains the following information:
    • Altitude sickness guide: As part of our total commitment to safe climbing practices, we provide all our clients with an unique guide on the prevention and management of altitude sickness on the mountain.
    • Comprehensive gear list: Document explaining the reasons why we recommend certain gear, as well as helpful buying guidelines.
    • Fitness program: To increase your chances of a successful summit attempt, we have developed a tailor made fitness program.
    • Also included is: Route map, essential information for your climb, tips for success, nutrition on the hike as well as general travel and language tips.
    • Our Kilimanjaro Information pack was designed to promote success and safety, and is a result of our dedication, experience, and a commitment to excellence.

Our guides and porters

  • We utilize highly trained and registered guides with years of experience, who will lead a team of support staff properly equipped, to look after you on the mountain.
  • On all our package options, every hiker is supported by at least one porter to carry their duffel bag (max 15kg) from one camp to the next.
  • The above average ratio of our support staff to climber is: 2 Porters per climber and 2 guides per a maximum of 4 climbers – a very favourable ratio we put in place to directly enhance your safety and enjoyment on the mountain.

Safety on the mountain

  • We supply emergency portable Oxygen (for emergency use only) with all our hikes.
  • We supply an important medic first aid kit (for emergency use only), to all our groups for both the Standard and Superior Packages on every hike.
  • All chief guides on all our packages, carry a pulse Oxi-meter (a small device that clips onto your finger measuring oxygen levels in your blood, a hiker that is not acclimatized well, will normally show lower oxygen reading).
  • All our packages include the Kilimanjaro Rescue Team (managed by KINAPA) fees.
  • We can offer you extended itineraries for the highly recommended extra acclimatization on the mountain, it is even possible to extend the duration of your hike, during your hike, while on the mountain (subject to additional costs and availability).

Kilimanjaro climb packages to suit your budget

  • We offer different packages to suit your budget:
  • The possibility to join any other group as listed on our website’s group starting dates schedule:  Flexible starting dates
  • Our hike starting dates are totally flexible as per your requirements, even for individuals we can schedule the start of your hike on any day of the year!
  • For unforeseen circumstances and on request, we are flexible regarding the change of your hiking dates (subject to availability, reasonable notice given and route chosen).

Unique cancellation policy

  • We have a unique cancellation policy: If you are forced to cancel your hike, due to work or medical related reasons, and notice is given within a reasonable time, we will grant you a 10 month period (from the date of cancellation) to reschedule your hike (you could be liable for any possible cancellation cost and / or price increases).

Climb Kilimanjaro equipment purchases and rental

  • Quality mountain equipment available for hiring including sleeping bags, hiking poles, jackets, gaiters etc.

Safari and Zanzibar add-ons

  • Extend your Kilimanjaro tour with a fantastic and amazing wildlife safari to some of the iconic National Parks in Tanzania – like the
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Ngorongoro Crater.
  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Arusha National Park

Please contact us for more info in this regard.

  • You may also consider a lazy beach recuperation on the magical island of Zanzibar

Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes

You may climb the Mount by several routes, which have been established by the Tanzania National Parks Authority to avoid unauthorized Kilimanjaro hiking and preserve the pristine beauty of the wilderness for the generations to come.

We recommend Lemosho and Rongai routes for novices, Northern Circuit and Machame for the beginners, and Marangu and Umbwe for climbers with prior hiking experience. Camping on all routes except Marangu (where the night stops are in huts).