Great Ways To Spend Your Time Amid Arusha Day Tours

Arusha Day Tours

Great Ways To Spend Your Time Amid Arusha Day Tours

Arusha is situated in the north-eastern tip of Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Meru. Arusha is one of the biggest cities in northern Tanzania with a population of 1 million people. Arusha is generally thought to be a place where hiking and trekking journey begins. If that's all you know about this stunning town, then we suggest you read further because you probably missing out on some amazing experiences because the city offers much more than that. So if you are planning an Arusha Day Tours, here are some ways in which you can spend your time in Arusha.

1. Attractions For Explorers Travelling To Arusha

♦ Mount Meru

Mount Meru

Arusha is located in the base of Mount Meru, which is the sacred five peak mountain. It is considered to be the centre of the entire physical and spiritual universe. It is also perfect for those who want to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to practice in Mount Meru.   

♦ Momela Lakes

Momela Lakes

Momela Lake is the best place in your Arusha Day Trips for watching birds as they support a wide variety of waterbird species like the flamingos, cormorants, Waterfowls, Egyptian Goose and many more. Momela Lake consists of many shallow lakes such as Lake Longil, Small Momela Lake, Lake Rishateni and others.

♦ Wide Ngurdoto Crater

Wide Ngurdoto Crater

It is located in the Arusha National Park and it is off limit for the human. This verdant carter’s mossy, swampy habitat provides a natural sanctuary for Elephants, Buffalo, and Colobus Monkeys. So in your Arusha National Park Day Tours don’t miss out this place.

2. Attractions For Shopaholics Traveling To Arusha

♦ Shop For Souvenirs From The Maasai Market

Shop For Souvenirs From The Maasai Market

The Maasai market in Arusha is a fairly organized place with a stand where souvenir shopping experience can be got. It is located in the Clock Tower area. Here you will find everything that you want to take back home like earnings, jewellery, mask, paintings, cutlery, and shoes, so shop your heart out here. Negotiation is accepted and welcomed here.

♦ Visit Shanga For Arts And Crafts

Visit Shanga For Arts And Crafts

Shanga is located on the Burka Coffee Estate and is very famous for its art and crafts which are sold all over the world and is the perfect gift for your loved ones.  So make your Day Tours Arusha a memorable trip by visiting Shanga.

3. Attractions For Foodies Traveling To Arusha

♦ Drink A Coffee Or Cocktail At The Mulberry

Drink A Coffee

If you want to enjoy some good food with great ambience, then The Mulberry is the perfect place. After your Arusha Park Day Trips, you can just come here and relax. Sit in the garden and have lunch, dinner and some drinks. The ambience here energies you. You can also spend some alone time here by reading a book.

♦ Have Lunch At The Themi Living Gardens

Lunch At The Themi Living Gardens

After your shopping at Maasai Market, you can come to Themi Living Garden as it is also located in the Clock Tower. At the Themi Living Garden, you will be served lunch in the middle of the garden, it will be a typical Tanzanian lunch. After your lunch, you can walk around the garden and know about the people and regions of Tanzania.  As this garden is filled with information about the various regions their culture and tradition of Tanzania. 

♦ Visit Woodland’s Café

Visit Woodland’s Café

If you love Spanish cuisine and a big fan of pizzas, then Woodland Café is your perfect place. So do visit this place during your Arusha Day Tours. It has the best pizza in the whole town and some great salads and Spanish Tapas.

So check out this place if you are a true food lover.

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